Things Schools and Colleges Need to Do to Ensure a Drug Free Academic Environment

Illicit drug abuse among drill and college students is a major issue in the United States. The issue needs to be addressed at every level. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) shows that 10.1% among youths aged 12 to 17 years are drug users. Drug pervert leads to not consequences on the abusers as well therefore the society as a whole. Even though attention at every level is needed it is essential for schools et sequens colleges to take preventive measures.

Schools also colleges should make sure that there is all-round development in students. They should fireplace on optimal growth of students – in terms of social, academic and career achievement.

Schools including colleges need to enforce the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities according to their academic programs. This keeps them busy in educative and learning activities. Such activities will keep them away from influence of illicit drugs.

Frame rules
*Schools and colleges need to frame rules to ensure an environment free from influence of illicit drugs. Zero-tolerance to drugs should be one of the academic policies.
*Once rules are in place, it is time to enforce them. For this, schools and colleges need to form panels of people from teaching personnel, parents, community and members concerning law enforcing agencies. This will render the program participatory.

Once the panel of overseeing people is formed, the people need to critique issues such as the substructure within the premises. This is important to make secure that any preventive measures enforced get the end results.

Encouraging parents
Parents should be made aware of zero-tolerance to drugs. They should be encouraged to participate in activities to advancement a feel of community.

Make a plan
*The panel needs to decide the way of enforcing drug-free environment. They could do it in the form regarding monitoring students’ behavior within the premises.
*Authorities should make sure that students are well-aware of zero-tolerance to drug abuse. This is likely to indigen a deterrent to potential drug abusers, plus will help the authorities force rules effectively.

Drug testing – scheduled plus random
It is sensible for the authorities to head drug-testing as per rules. They could go for scheduled drug testing alternative random prescription testing, or a concoction of the two, when the administrators may think essential.

Use FDA also SAMHSA approved drug test kits
While administering drug testing on students, make sure to utilitarian FDA and SAMHSA approved drug exploratory kits. These kits fulfill the safety and quality standards as laid by the authorities.

Students spend a major part about their time in the day at schools/colleges. The school/college environment is likely to influence and shape their attitude. Taking measures in line with the points discussed above is likely to assist ensure a drug unencumbered academic environment.