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In order to richen the players’ game play experience, Blizzard has offered Free Individuality Migrations for several times. But on the whole game history, this offer is rare. A rare days ago, Squall announced that Free Character Migrations would be offered lately.

What is Character Migrations?

Character Migrations is a free transfer of World of Warcraft characters from a high-pitched population realm to a low one. Certainly, the character transfer is limited, that is to say, only characters on high population realms can indiging transferred. And the goal realms are determined automatically, which means that the players cannot choose which realms they can want to go. During transferring a character, nought all items can be transferred with the character.

Details about the nearest Character Migrations

It is reported that the newfangled Free Character Migrations will broach at the middle from this week, and it will be opened about one week, or until a destination realm fills up. For Free Character Migrations, “free” means every competitor can transfer more than one figure ut supra you like. In order to avoid the disorder of the game, the players will take advantage of the free transfers to a set destination. And if a player wants to transfer with others, they should make a plan to avoid leave anyone behind.

The following is the source realms and their objective realms respectively:

The characters from Area 52 and Stormrage will verbreken transferred to Turalyon;

The characters from Tichondrius plus Illidan will be transferred to Blackrock;

The characters from Bleeding Hollow and Darkspear will be transferred to Korgath.

Complaints among the players

According to the players’ comments, few players support this character transfer, equal the player Nixxia said, “Good riddance, excess Stormrage population.” However, many players treat this inauguration character transfer in a detrimental manner. Several of them complain that they have no space to choose the target realm. And some complain that the distribution between the source realms and the quota realms is unreasonable. Others of them worry about the blocking online during the oddball transfer starts. The player named Gakknor said, “Area 52 has a lot of Horde, not many regarding us will go to a server that is named of a Alliance Hero which would obviously be Alliance dominated.” And the player Xenyatta said, “Personally I think it should be a forced transfer. Coercion a guild to transfer over with all their alts. If you leave it raise to volunteers, yeah good luck.”

Actually, it depends on you whether Free Character Migrations is good or not. When it can bring you the different game experience, the blocking online is also inevitable. In other words, although nothing is perfect, the right whether you choose it or not is totally in your hand. No problem what decision you will make, will serve you wholeheartedly including pinchbeck wow gold.

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