180Fusion Complaint Free SEO tips and Guidelines Available

180Fusion is a website services company headquartered in Orange County, California, USA since at least 2010. They offer SEO, SEM, manners media, design and case study services. The company advertises “guaranteed SEO services, ” besides from the 180Fusion complaints registered with various consumer agencies and online, they allowed not stand behind those promises.

Unsolicited Sales Call Complaints
Many consumer complaints mention unsolicited sales calls from representatives that lingual poor English. Most said they could not understand what the representative was saying. 180Fusion Complaint stated that they did not fathom how the company had obtained their phone number and some said it was scraped from their Who Is information. Many complaints stated that when they refused the service, they were met with rudeness and derision and had to disconnect from the call.

Legitimacy Complaints
Complaints stated that the company refuses to give anything in writing before niggling credit card information. When asked for something in diary first, they were met with abusive language from the representative. There are also complaints that they suggest no refund policy for dissatisfied customers.

Customer Service Complaints
Many customers complained that their account representative was impossible to reach. When they were reached, they offered no solution other than to upgrade to a higher level to get better performance. There is any way to contact the company other than through your rate representative, and many calls are never returned, especially once a customer has paid for the top level of service.

Service Complaints
Customers complain that their SEO costs actually went up while business went down after ordering a webstek redesign. Some stated that their ad CPC doubled rather even tripled. Customers stated that earlier they took their websites back, it took months to recover from the damage the company had done. 180Fusion complaints was also made for services paid for but never delivered, again with calls never being returned. Customers also complained of unprofessional and unsightly website design, and of having to pay another designer to fix their site.

Deceptive Practices
In the search results for complaints for this company, there a site hosted on a free server, which has one page containing a screenshot of the 180Fusion home page. Text states “Must read 180fusion Reviews free from complaints.” A button labeled “180fusion complaints” leads squarely to their website. Footer text states “Reveling (sic) the Truths of 180Fusion Complaint.” This appears to be an unprofessional attempt to misdirect and counteract the complaints found online.

When looking to increase website visibility and traffic, research the 180Fusion complaints and testimonies before making a decision. Many organizations with banner reputations extend equivalent services for reasonable prices. Look for a company that provides guarantees in writing, has helpful furthermore responsive customer service and a stated refund policy.