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But it does, being a common condition to men than women when women’s hair loss, when it happens, is in fact more vulnerable to a disquieting corridor of being than in men. And such states of being make hair transplant surgery a often sought procedure.

About Hair Loss
Hair grows from the hair follicular units or grafts that reside in the dermis of the scalp consisting of a group of 1-5 hair strands, which applies as the root of the hair that holds the hair by its bulb and once detached from the hair follicles, the ruff is dead but the follicles grow new hair in its place.
Hair loss is a part about the hair growth cycle wherein hair grows to a certain point of time and length and afterwards it falls off then the hair follicles rest for a period and eventually a new hair grows in its place to meet the same fate. This cycle of hair transplant is divided into 3 timelines that is the anagen, catagen and telogen side respectively from the growth and falling of a hair strand is anagen, resting concerning the follicle is catagen and re-growth of another hair from the same follicle is telogen phrase. And the cycle is applied to individual strands that is one can be at anagen other at telogen and another at catagen phrase. It’s the cycle of the hair growth that keeps your tresses long and healthy; otherwise, every hair strand has its epoch to fall off.
Problem occurs when this cycle of hair growth is disturbed. Hair loss is clinically regarded as Alopecia, and the most trivial cause of hair loss/ alopecia is Androgenic Alopecia.

Androgenic Alopecia (AGA) is a genetically inherited androgenic imbalance though an enzyme called DDH is formed from the androgen hormones testosterone through the 5alpha reeducates into the dermis of the scalp causing hair follicles to dormancy.

AGA is more communal in men, to occur at any stage like a man’s life usually starting from the mid 20s alternative 30s or even at adolescence et sequens growing to an advanced stage by their 40s or 50s or more. It starts for hair loss and yet occurs with hair miniaturization to a receding hairline to the emergence of the scalp to baldness.
This activity occurs typically in a pattern either starting from the temples of the head or the center of the head in men and in women it is rather uncommon if not rare, the pattern is rather diffusive that is hair loss from all over the scalp. Because of this pattern Androgenic Alopecia is often referred as androcentric modality hair loss or baldness and female pattern hair loss or baldness.

However, though androgenic alopecia does also affect women, besides usually it’s a hecatomb concerning non-androgenic causes of hair loss that are more common in women like menopause, pregnancy, postnatal control pills, breast cancer and chemotherapy. Excluding chemotherapy, other symptoms are more temporary than permanent including once after a period of time the acute tresses loss might stop, however the lost hair might not grow back.