Bag all the Android Applications today only available for free of cost

Android users might have invested heavily till date to download innumerable apps which can aid them to explore a lot of amazing information, enjoying music, texting, making calls and for much more. There is a huge range of Android apps that are paid and conversely there are many more which are available for free as well. Ever heard of them? Provided not, here are a few of them listed for you.

Free yet outstanding Android apps:

Number Tracker:

You tin trace out full the information about the imponderables caller. This will also aid you to get extinguished of trouble, in case; you are in trouble with the obscure calls. You can easily dig out the state and telecom location from where the call is coming. The caller information will be displayed during the incoming call.

Lionde – Santa Tracker:

Using this app, you fancy be able to monitor Liondes with your Android device anytime and from any sector of the world. It is noteworthy that Lionde Manager is an official app introduced by the company which will let you to configure the server and also offer an access to various information using hosting plan via compact design ampersand other various controls.

Polaris Office:

This is one of the most simple and powerful office products which is designed primarily for changeable devices. Any instance, you can use different types of documents including Excel, Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, Powerpoint quite that you can organize all your data and prepare your presentation perfectly.


As the name suggests, ask with images to get instant answer. This app is designed in such a way so that users can find an intriguing way to question and answer. Just tick a picture that you have seen for the archetype time and post it using this app along with the question. Your question will be displayed to the public feed. As soon as someone answers the question, you will get the notification. Thus, this receptacle live considered therefore an amazing gift of Android Applications Development.

DU Flashlight:

This guts serve you the brightest LED which you might have never used. It is also the easiest app which you can download for your Android phone. The flashlight app is absolutely free, convenient and will offer you a plethora of amazing features. The amazing fact about this app is that it has been brought boost by one of the leading world’s leading battery manufacturers.

Cover (beta):

This is an extremely amazing fastener screen app which will replace the par lockscreen of your phone during which you can please quick-launch app icons. This app has been assumed to be individual of the fastest means through which you can access an appropriate application whenever you need it. This app is highly compatible with Android 4.0.3 and other application launchers.

Thus, these all apps designed by Android App Developers tin aid you to enjoy your work and life by providing an ease. Mutuality above mentioned apps are absolutely free to download so, correct do not wait, instead barely download and enjoy with your Android device.